How does the Insights Dashboard work?

The Marketron Insights page gives you an overview of the progress and interactions on your short code within defined time frames: 


*Last 7 days

*Last 14 days 

*Last 30 days 



List Growth: The List growth section provides you with the total number of subscribers, the total number of broadcasts sent. 

*You can add as many/as few lists as you want in List Growth:



Every time the timeframe of the insights report is changed, the "List Growth", "Subscribers" and "mobile engagement" sections will change values. The "active subscribers," "Most recent broadcast and "last month at a glance" sections, however, will change by day. 


Subscribers: The Subscribers Panel shows you the "Active Subscribers, the "Total Contacts," the total number of people who subscribed, unsubscribed, and the net subscribers. 


"ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS"" It shows the size of all the lists on the short code for the current day. 

"TOTAL CONTACTS": Number of unique mobile numbers that participated with the Short Code. 

"SUBSCRIBERS last 7, 14, 30 days." 

  • Subscriber = Sum of subscribers in the last 7, 14 or 30 days in all lists
  • Unsubscribers = Sum of unsubscribers in the last 7, 14 or 30 days in all lists
  • Net Subscribers = Subscribers - Unsubscribers

The values of the "Active Subscribers" & "Subscribers last 7/14/30 days" are generated from the "Subscribers Growth report" for all lists.


MOBILE ENGAGEMENT Last 7, 14 or 30 days:

Mobile Engagement section shows a bar graph for the daily count for all the Inbound & Outbound Messages according to the time frame selected. Timeframe options are for the 7, 14, or 30 days: 

The values of the "Mobile Engagement last 7/`4/30 days" are generated from the Message Summary Report for all campaigns and keywords with "last 30 days" for the time frame.

 Most Recent Broadcasts: 

"MOST RECENT BROADCAST" section shows the number of people reached and the rate of people who unsubscribed after this broadcast:

  1. Unsubscribe Rate: Is the total number of unsubscribes on the day of the broadcast, divided by the total number of subscribers reached in the most recent broadcast.
  2. Subscribers Reached: Is the total number of subscribers reached in the most recent broadcast.
  3. Clickthrough Rate: This will appear if a URL is included in your last broadcast. The rate will be determined from the number of clicks on the URL divided by the number of subscribers reached.

Every time the timeframe for the Insights reports is changed, only the "LIST GROWTH", "SUBSCRIBERS" & "MOBILE ENGAGEMENT" change values, however the "ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS", "MOST RECENT BROADCAST" & "LAST MONTH AT A GLANCE" update every day. 

  • The values shown in "LIST GROWTH","SUBSCRIBERS" and "MOBILE ENGAGEMENT" depends on the timeframe selected. These sections either provide a daily progress/ interaction view or the sum of values of the given timeframe.
  • The values shown in "ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS", "MOST RECENT BROADCAST" and "LAST MONTH AT A GLANCE"  are determined by the current day, and are updated daily.
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