Apple iOS Bug is Blocking Hyperlinks in Text Messages

 As of April 2018, the latest version of Apples iOS 11.3 has finally fixed the bug that was disabling hyperlinks in text messages. Keep in mind, however, that any mobile number that has the old/broken iOS version will not have this fixed. Because of this, we estimate that it will take about 2-3 months before the upgrades have resolved the majority of iOS problem. In the meantime, we recommend continuing to use the workaround outlined below: 

During the past few months, we’ve identified an issue that is specific to Apple iPhone users where hyperlinks within a text message are not clickable.


Users across all SMS providers are reporting that when they receive a hyperlink in one of their text messages, they aren’t able to click the hyperlink due to the fact that it is being displayed as plain text, and, therefore, not clickable.  


 Hyperlinks are not installed if the body of the text contains the words “dollars”, “bucks”, “USD” or “$.” Apple, with their growing support for Apple Pay, has made URLs in an SMS/ MMS message non-clickable whenever any US currency reference is made in the text copy in order to help prevent fraud regarding their Apple Pay Cash Feature.


In order to have a URL appear as a hyperlink on Apple devices with iOS 11.2 installed, these words/characters should either be omitted, or you can use the workaround outlined below:

 Include a dash around the “$” sign:


Example: Pants-$16.99 & up


Always be sure to test your message on multiple devices to ensure the copy appears as intended.

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