What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a unique identifier for a mobile marketing campaign on a given shortcode. For example, you might see an advertisement that instructs users to, “Text WIN to 55155.” “WIN” in this case is the keyword for the mobile marketing campaign.
For mobile marketing providers, an important distinction exists between “marketable keywords” and “non-marketable keywords.” A “marketable keyword” is any that would be in high demand because it’s effective on a billboard , e.g. “WIN,” “COUPON,” “REWARD,” or “SIGN UP.” “Non-marketable keywords” are the opposite, e.g. “ZJILX8221,” “KDOENDOTLN2” or “626WASHINGTON.”
  • The reason for this distinction is analogous to the world of website domain names. Because only one keyword can be used at a time on a given short code, those in higher demand are more valuable, much like is more valuable than If it’s easier, think about keywords as namespace on a shared domain.
  • As a result, it’s important to draw this distinction when talking with mobile marketing providers. For example, a real estate company that wants to use addresses of buildings as keywords will have a much easier time requesting additional keywords from a mobile marketing provider than a retail outlet that only wants to use easy to remember words it can put on product labels.
  • As may already be clear, these distinctions only really matter when multiple brands are using the same shared short code. When a brand is using a dedicated short code, no keyword competition exists, which is one of the reasons brands decide to get their own short code.
For those worried about consumers mistyping keywords on their phone, mobile marketing providers should have routing capabilities that allow companies to redirect misspellings to the correct campaign.
Keywords are NOT case sensitive. Additional best practices below: 
  • Pick a memorable and easy-to-type Keyword - Keep your Keyword as short as possible and make it relevant to your brand and the promotion where the CTA is found. 
  • Avoid spaces, dashes, or underscores - Help make your keyword easy to remember and simple to text by avoiding characters within the keyword name. 
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