What Are Some Metrics to Calculate ROI From My Mobile Subscribers?

Here's a list of the most commonly used and helpful metrics within mobile marketing:

  • Delivery rate: the number of subscribers that received your message vs. the number of subscribers you sent the message to.
  • Open rate: the number of people that opened the message that you sent.
  • Click-through rate: the number of subscribers that clicked a link within your message.
  • Clicks per message: if you have more than one link, the amount of people who clicked zero, one, or both links.
  • Post click conversion rate: by including an action after a person clicks on the link (e.g. click on another link), you can track the amount of people that completed that action.
  • Response by list segment: you can segment your lists and analyze which list had higher response rate.
  • Revenue per message: take the total amount of revenue generated by your campaign and divide by the total number of messages sent.  
  • Social sharing rate: track the percent of your messages that led to increases in social media activity or traffic.
  • Coupon redemption: use coupon codes to understand how often people redeemed coupons that were delivered via mobile channels.
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