What Does A Message Details Report Display?

The Message Details Report is the most detailed report available via the Marketron Messaging Platform. It allows you to view all inbound and/or outbound message traffic by individual mobile numbers with date and time stamp for each. 

This report is highly customizable with the ability to filter by individual campaigns, keywords, inbound messages, outbound messages or any combination of these. 

This report is most useful for processing detailed segmentation or filters for custom reporting needs. After creating a Message Details Report with your desired criteria, you have the option to export the report to Excel. This will allow you to filter, run pivot tables or use any additional functions that may be needed to manipulate the data to display what you want. 

The report returns the following data:

Date: The date the message was sent
Message Type: The type of message (MO/MT)
From/To: The phone number the message was either sent to or received from
Body: The content of the message
Content Type: The platform content type of the message

*To create a message details report, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Marketron
  • Navigate to the "Reports" tab, followed by "Reports"

  • Select the "Create New Report" button 

  • Choose "Message Details" for Report Type

  • Choose Scope to be set as All, Campaign, or Keyword depending on your reporting needs:
    • Setting Scope as "Campaign" will return all messaging traffic for the specific campaign(s) you choose. 
    • Setting Scope as "Keyword" will return all messaging traffic for a given keyword(s)
    • Setting Scope as "All" will return all messaging traffic within an account
  • Choose Message Type to be set as All, Incoming (MOs) or Outgoing (MTs)
    • Setting the Message Type as "All" will display all inbound and outbound messaging traffic 
    • Setting the Message Type as "Incoming" will display only messages received by Marketron
    • Setting the Message Type to "Outgoing" will display only messages sent by Marketron
  • Choose the desired Timeframe that you'd like the report to generate.
    • You may use our preset option such as This Week, Last Week, This Month, etc.
    • You can also create a custom timeframe by selecting Custom, and then using the calendar feature to select the start and end date. 
  • Once all parameters are set, select "Generate Report

  • The report status will appear as "In Progress". Once the report is generated, the status will be changed to a timestamp.

  • To download the report in a .CSV (Excel) format, select the Download Icon. This will export the report, so that you are able to further manipulate and filter your data for any custom reporting needs. 

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