What Are Ways To Request / Collect Metadata From Subscribers?

There are several ways that you can collect data about your subscribers:

  • Macro activity: Track all end user activity, such as website visits or participation in campaigns, and add to individual subscriber records 
  • Messaging: Use the Collect Metadata & Tag Metadata components. 
In terms of what data you can request, there’s no limit. Do keep in mind the following:
  • Having data just to have it is not effective. Try to select data that will be useful for segmenting your lists to provide subscribers with more relevant messaging in the future. For example, an ice cream business probably has better things to do than worry about a person’s shoe size, whereas this information is vital for a shoe store.
  • Asking for more data during a single interaction tends to decrease response rate. Think of it like a long line at a retailer. If the line is too long, customers are less likely to wait around and make a purchase (no matter how amazing the product). Instead, use multiple interactions to collect data over time. By establishing an ongoing customer relationship, you can benefit from more segmentation data and more opted-in customers.
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