What Is a Subscriber?

A mobile subscriber is an individual that has expressed explicit consent to be opted-in to a list to receive SMS communication from a brand or business.

A subscriber’s value has two important facets:

  1. The immediate value a subscriber provides to a brand by participating in a current campaign
  2. The future value a brand or business earns from being able to contact the subscriber on an ongoing basis with promotions, special offers or news updates
The combination of these two facets is commonly referred to as “customer lifetime value,” which represents the combined present and future value a company receives from subscribers in the form of:
  • Revenue: subscriber lists drive the purchase of particular products or services
  • Reputation: subscribers spread knowledge and goodwill about a particular brand or service
  • Competitive Edge: subscribers are more loyal to the companies they subscribe to, and as a result are much less likely to purchase other brands
  • Efficiency: it’s cheaper to re-market to a subscriber than it is to continuously re-acquire customers. The larger a subscriber base, the more cost effective
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