Removing A Subscriber From A List Using The Conversation Stream

Removing subscribers from lists using the Conversation Stream allows you to granularly manage your edge case customers to ensure they all end up appropriately removed from your lists.

You may view entries in the Conversation Stream that contain offensive language or reflect a desire to be removed from a list. For example:

I don't like u and I don't like these txts 

Please remove me from your lists

Both of the above seem interested in opting out of receiving texts. However, because they did not text the STOP, UNSUB, UNSUBSCRIBE, OPT OUT or END, they need to be manually removed.

To manually remove a subscriber from a list:

  • Hover over the Stream entry and click "Options" on the right side
  • Select "Remove from list"

  • Select the list
  • Click "Remove subscriber from list"
  • Repeat if the subscriber is on multiple lists
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