What Are The Reasons an SMS Message Might Not Be Delivered to a Handset?

When receiving a report that a message was not delivered, you should first investigate that the message was delivered from Marketron to the aggregator.

See: How can I check if a message was delivered to a specific subscriber?

If a non-sent message was delivered to the aggregator, it may have been affected by one of three root causes: End-User, Carrier or Aggregator. Here are the solutions for each:

1) End-User Related Delivery Issues:

a) Short code not accepted: Campaigns do not respond or return “not supported” message
*Solution: Call mobile provider to request that cell plan includes short code messaging
b) Carrier switch: Subscribers that switch carriers will no longer receive outbound blasts
*Solution: Customer needs to text in to program from new carrier-approved phone
c) Insufficient credits: Customers over the limit on their text plan will not receive messages
*Solution: Must upgrade account or cellular plan to continue receiving messages
d) Device out of range: Customer will not receive message if out of cell range
*Solution: Message must be resent when the customer has cell phone service

2) Carrier Related Outages:

a) Service degradation: Carrier outages or atypical maintenance cause delivery failures
*Solution: Test campaign on different carriers; trigger blast to carrier-segmented list once outage is fixed

3) Aggregator Delivery Issues:

a) Poor connection: Connection to aggregator causes longer than average delay
*Solution: No action needed – Marketron queues messages and sends once the issue is resolved
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