How Can I Message My Subscription List Most Effectively?

The key to effective subscriber communication is using segmentation (when you categorize your subscribers differently based on their key attributes) in order to deliver targeted and relevant messaging to your subscribers. This increases the overall effectiveness of your campaign because you are selectively targeting your subscribers when you initiate your mobile marketing strategies.
Some examples:
  • Say you are a jeweler looking to sell engagement rings. You probably only want to send a message about engagement rings to your subscribers that are not married, unless of course you can tailor the message to make it relevant to a married audience.   
  • Make sure that you set expectations in your opt-in message. If you say that you will send subscribers three messages per month and then send them 20 in one month, you will ultimately create a negative experience for your audience.
  • Think about the time of day that your message will go out and where your subscribers are located. For example, it's probably best to send out shopping notifications during a time of day when people are actually out and about shopping, as opposed to later in the evening.  
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