What Does A Message Summary Report Display?

A Message Summary Report displays the total amount of messages sent and received within an account for a specified time frame. 

This report allows you to summarize message totals by all message traffic, all campaigns, a specific campaign, all keywords or a specific keyword. 

Additionally, you have the ability to choose how you'd like the message counts to be grouped. You can view message total by individual day, week or month. 

The report displays the following data:

Date: The date of the report entry 
MOs: The count of inbound messages
MTs: The count of outbound messages
Total: The count of all messages


*To create a Message Summary report, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Marketron
  • Navigate to the "Reports" tab, followed by "Reports"

  • Select the "Create New Report" button 

  • Choose "Message Summary" for Report Type

  • Choose Summarize by to be set as All, Campaign, or Keyword depending on your reporting needs
    • Setting Summarize to "Campaign" will return all messaging traffic for the specific campaign(s) you choose. 
    • Setting Summarize to "Keyword" will return all messaging traffic for a given keyword(s)
    • Setting Summarize to "All" will return all messaging traffic within an account
  • Choose the desired Timeframe that you'd like the report to generate.
    • You may use our preset option such as This Week, Last Week, This Month, etc.
    • You can also create a custom timeframe by selecting Custom, and then using the calendar feature to select the start and end date. 
  • Choose the appropriate Time Summary to group your data: day, week or month
  • Once all parameters are set, select "Generate Report"

  • The report status will appear as "In Progress" until the it is generated, then the status will be changed to a timestamp.

    • Please refresh your browser if the timestamp does not appear after one minute. For larger report requests, please allow additional time. 
  • To download the report in a .CSV (Excel) format, select the Download Icon. This will export the report, so that you are able to further manipulate and filter your data for any custom reporting needs. 

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