What Is the 'Poll' Component?

Integrate SMS polls and surveys into mobile campaigns to compile important consumer data and feedback. Real-time Marketron polls offer multiple reply options, and allow certain actions based on a customer's response.

Please note that when customers interact with polls, they will have a three-hour window to reply with their menu choice (i.e. A, B, C, D – unless you set a custom session length on your short code). After the session ends, a customer will have to re-text the keyword in order to reply with a menu option.

Marketron's polling features contain the following features:

  • Multiple Votes: Allow customers the option to submit multiple or one-off votes
  • Custom Confirmation Message: Set a custom confirmation message that customers receive after entering their vote
  • Custom Post-Response Actions: choose to send customers a new campaign, another component or end the campaign

Here's an example message flow for an interactive poll:

  • MO: User texts POLL to 67463
  • MT: "WXYZ: Who will win the Stanley Cup this year?
    A) Red Wings
    B) Blackhawks
    C) Capitals
    D) Penguins
    E) Ducks
    Reply A, B, C, D or E"
  • MO: User replies A
  • MT: (Custom Vote Confirmation Message): "WXYZ: Thanks! Visit for additional team news!"

*To add a Poll component to a campaign:

  • Select "Poll" from the component selection menu

  • Choose the number of poll choices that should be included (up to 5)

  • Enter the copy for your poll question

  • Enter the copy for each option

For each poll choice, select the next action. The options include:
  • Send Message: deliver a message


  • Forward to Campaign: send a new campaign

  • Deliver Next Component: send an additional component (i.e. "Send Message" or "Assign to Additional List")

  • End Campaign: end the campaign (*Note: this is the default setting*)

Additionally, you may select if you'd like to allow multiple votes or to send the results in a vote confirmation message (meaning the voter will receive a bounceback message with the running voting percentage for all poll choices after submitting their vote, i.e. "20% Red Wings, 10% Blackhawks, 35% Capitals", etc.):
*To Send a Poll to a Subscriber List:
  • Select "Broadcasts" button and select the subscriber list you would like to send to.


  • Instead of typing out your message, click the dropdown menu under the "Message" field and select "Forward to Campaign".


  • Select the designated Poll campaign from the second dropdown menu that appears:


  • Select whether you want to send the message immediately or schedule to send at a later date/time.
  • Click "Review Message"


  • Click "Send Test Message" button and enter mobile number to confirm that the campaign functions the way you want.


  • Once you have received the message and confirmed the message flow, click "Send Now" or "Schedule Now"
*For further information, you may find this article helpful:
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