What Is the 'Send Message' Component?

The Send Message Component delivers a basic text response, or MT message, to the participating customer.

*To add a Send Message Component to a campaign:

  • Select "Send Message" from the Component selection menu

  • Enter the desired message copy

The Send Message Component is a great tool for accounts using a shared short code as you can create separate keyword/Send Message campaigns for different on air talents/time slots throughout the day (i.e., "Let me know what you think about the upcoming election! Text JOE to 55155").

You can also use this feature for song requests (i.e., "Text REQUEST followed by the artist and song to 55155 and we'll try and play your song next!).

*To view the conversation stream:

  • Click on "Campaigns" tab

  • Find your campaign and click on speech bubble icon under "Actions"

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