What Is the 'Text-To-Win' Component?

The Text-to-Win Component allows marketers to generate enthusiasm and engagement by providing incentives for consumers who participate in prize drawings that depend on chance.

As opposed to selecting winners after a campaign ends (Sweepstakes), Text-to-Win campaigns select winners in real-time based on advanced winner selection methodologies. For each winner selection methodology, you can set maximum prize allotments to ensure distribution of the correct number of prizes. 

Here's an example message flow for a Text-to-Win campaign with 2 prize options:

  • MO: Customer texts WIN to 55155
  • MT: (if selected for prize 1) "WXYZ: Awesome! You're a DOUBLE CASH back winner! Show this text & receive DOUBLE cash back (up to an extra $50) when you sell us your books. Exp 12/31. Limit 1 use."
  • MT: (if selected for prize 2) "WXYZ: Congrats! It's time to pocket more presidents! Show this text & receive an extra $10 in cash when you sell back $50 or more worth of books. Exp 12/31."

*To add a Text-to-Win component to a campaign:

  • Select "Text-to-Win" from the component selection menu

  • Select a start date and time that the campaign will launch

  • Select an end date and time that the campaign will end

  • Enter copy for the "Pre-Flight Message". This is the message that is sent when someone texts in before the start date of the campaign.
    • *Note: if you are starting the campaign immediately then you can leave this blank

  • Enter copy for the "Post-Flight Message". This is the message that is sent when someone texts in after the end date of the campaign

Next, define your in-flight winner messages:

  • Add any number of winner groups
  • Select the winner selection methodology you'd like to use:
    1. Lucky NumberChooses a winner based on their entry number. Example: every 10th entry is a winner
    2. Pace Evenly: Distributes prizes evenly based on availability throughout the duration of the contest
    3. Race: Selects winners on a first come, first served basis. Example: the first 100 entries are winners
    4. RandomWinners are selected at random. Example: every entry gets a roll of the dice and has a 1 in 10 chance of being a winner
  • For each winner group, choose the limit that should be set for each

  • *Optional* - If you'd like to tag winners with metadata, check the box next to "I want to tag winners w/ metadata", and select the appropriate field

  • Enter copy for the "In-flight Winner Message". This is sent to the number of winners you have predetermined with the selection methodology.

  • Enter copy for the "In-flight Non-winner Message". This is sent if a user is not selected to receive a prize

Additionally, you can choose to allow multiple entries to permit customers to participate more than once. 


*How to view your winner(s):

  • Open up the campaign and click the "Download Winners" button

  • An Excel doc will be generated with the winner's information!


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