How Do I Create a New Campaign?

To create a new campaign:

  • Log in with your account credentials
  • Click the "Campaigns" Tab

  • Click "Create New Campaign"

  • Enter a campaign name to keep track of the new campaign in the future. Campaign names should be between 5 and 34 characters in length.
    • *Marketron recommends creating a naming convention by starting all campaign/list names with your call letters/company name for organizational purposes, especially when using a shared short code (i.e. "WXYZ Deals Club Subscription")*

  • Add the keyword(s) you'd like to trigger this campaign

  • Enter a program name and frequency (i.e. "Weekly Deals" & "4 messages/month")

  • Enter the content components you'd like to include in the campaign (i.e. "Subscription")


  • You may reorder your components by dragging them to the desired position

  • Once you've added your desired components, click "Save Campaign"

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