Adding Metadata To A Subscriber From The Conversation Stream

When customers appear in the Conversation Stream, you may want to tag them with a specific metadata value.

For example, consider the following use cases:

  • A customer misspells a keyword while attempting to access a promoted offer. In response, you send that customer the offer directly from the Stream. To ensure that particular person does not receive a duplicate offer in the future, add metadata to distinguish that profile from others.

  • A customer sends a message in response to a recent outbound message blast, saying, "I love your store and these great deals. Keep sending texts!" You could send a message to the customer thanking them for the compliment, and then tag that profile with metadata to denote a "Special Customer." Later, for example during the holiday season, you can segment all "Special Customers" and deliver a special offer for being exceptional fans.

To add metadata from the Conversation Stream:

  • Hover over the Stream entry to which you want to add metadata
  • Select "Options" on the right hand side of the modal window
  • Select "Add Metadata" from the drop down menu

  • Select the metadata field and enter the desired value
  • Click the "Add Metadata for Subscriber" button

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