How Do I Send an Outbound SMS Broadcast?

Once your subscription campaign is created and you've started promoting it to gain subscribers, you can begin sending out broadcast messages! 

Here's how:

  • Click "Broadcasts" tab

  • Select the appropriate subscriber list from the "Who'd you like to send to?" drop down menu


  • The message will default to "Send Immediately" or you can click the calendar icon to schedule the message to send in the future

  • Click "Review Message"

  • Double-check all the info (message content, when the message will send, destination list, etc.) and click "Send test message" -- you can enter up to 5 mobile numbers.

  • Once you receive the test message and confirm it's ready to send, click "Send Now/Schedule Now"
  • See How Do I View My Scheduled Messages? to confirm that the message shows up in your sent/scheduled message view.


*For further information, you may find these articles helpful:

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