What is the difference between Conversation Stream & Campaign Activity

With an admin account and dedicated short code, the Conversation Stream will display any message sent to your short code that does not map to a keyword. On a shared short code, only those messages sent by customers who are subscribed to one or more of your lists will appear.

The Conversation Stream makes it possible to initiate 1-to-1 conversations with your customers, effectively creating a personalized dialogue for exchanging information. You can take the following actions from the Conversation Stream:

  • Reply directly to a customer via SMS
  • Add metadata to a subscriber's profile
  • Add/remove a subscriber to/from a list
  • View recent message history
  • View a subscriber's personal profile
  • Example uses of the Conversation Stream:

    • Acquire customers who misspell campaign keywords- reply to inquire about the misspelling, or add directly to the correct list
    • Answer questions about a sale or product- contact customers personally when they send in questions about coupon redemption codes or store hours, providing them with answers they need or other information to direct them appropriately
    • Solicit customer feedback- when a customer sends feedback about their experience with your product or services, respond directly via the Conversation Stream
    • Redirect customers attempting to access deactivated keywords or expired programs- reply directly or add to a new program from the Conversation Stream
    • Text Chat- on a dedicated short code, you can suppress the automated response message and activate the Conversation Stream as a 2-way chat tool


Campaign Activity: Is a feature all campaigns have. To access the campaign activity: 

Step 1: Go to the campaigns tab and see actions tab: 



Step 2: Click on the bubble icon


Step 3: See all activity from listeners/viewers texting into specific short code: Screen_Shot_2018-01-04_at_1.40.06_PM.png

Step 4: Within campaign activity, you are able to expand the conversation and can interact with a listener through text. 


Step 5: Respond back to listeners with a personalized message! 



Step 6: Once message is ready, SEND AWAY! 



Just like the conversation stream, you are able to initiate 1-1 conversation just simply with the start of a keyword. 



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