The Golden Rules of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, also know as text message marketing, can be a powerful way to reach customers and clients. But with great power comes great responsibility. 


There are certain laws, rules, and guidelines you should adhere to while wielding the power of text marketing. 

Following these Golden Rules of SMS Marketing will ensure you will stay within the law, stick to industry guidelines, and provide your customers with the respect and discretion they deserve. 


1. Consent: you must get consent before sending marketing messages. You must have express written consent. 

2. Frequency: No one wants their inbox flooded with texts from your business. Best practice is to send 2-4 texts a month. Be clear about the frequency of your texts. You should state, in your confirmation message how many texts you plan to send per month. You can be sued by sending more texts than stated in "terms and conditions," so be sure to stay within the limit. 

3. Disclaimer: CTIA, requires that you include the following information for your text campaigns.

-Msg&DataRatesMayApply: simply means that customers may be charged by their carrier for receiving your text message, just as any text. 

4. Opt-out: Always let you subscribers know they can opt-out at anytime. Simply include "Text Stop to unsubscribe," when promoting your text campaign. By informing your customers that they can stop whenever, you establish credibility. 

5. Hours: Only send texts during business hours. No one wants a marketing text at 3 am. 

6. Language: Text like a pro. Texting abbreviations does save characters but can also look unprofessional. 

7. Value: Your customers give your permission to text them, in exchange you should offer them value, if you are not, there is nothing stopping them from unsubscribing. 


[Source: Simple Texting] 

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