Stacking Components 101

The Marketron Messaging platform gives you the ability to stack multiple components on top of one another for more complex scenarios. By stacking, you will be able to "deliver the next component." With the variety of components available, there are several different approaches to authoring campaigns, and the reporting requirements are also important at determining the best, or best component composition. 

*How to stack multiple components: 

  • Create a new campaign, once you have your campaign named, and have the keyword saved, you add your first component and fill it out accordingly.
  • Once the first component is done you will add the next component and place it either on top or below the first component created. Once placed, you will fill in the second component accordingly. You will continue the same process for as my stacks as you are completing.


  • By stacking different components, they will prompt the platform to deliver the next components.
  • Within each component you will have to set deliver next component (i.e. whatever is next) so that that the platform knows to deliver from Tag Metadata to Sweepstakes component then to the subscription component.
  • When staking components, here at Marketron we always tell clients to TEST their campaigns to make sure they are delivering they way you want. 


 If you want to learn more or have questions on the stacking components, email us at 


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