What is the 'Sports Feed' Component?

The Sports Feed Component is an effortless method for sports fans to receive updated scores on either a quarterly or end of the game basis. The Marketron Platform supports all MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL teams. This is considered a type of text club so you will notice a lot of similarities between this component and the "Subscription" component.

*To add a Sports Feed component to a campaign:

  • Create a new campaign and choose the "Sports Feed" Component. 


  • Next, pick which league you are wanting scores from and click the dropdown to choose your team:


  •  Pick how often you want the scores to be sent (either at the end of each quarter/period/inning or at the end of the game):



  • Next, tailor your Opt-In Message, Confirm Message, and Already Subscribed Message, to fit the program.




  • Marketron works with a third party Stats Team, so the platform will automatically update and send the scores, so once you have your club built out you don't have to do anything else!


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