What is the 'Daypart' Component?

The Daypart Component allows a Campaign to trigger a response based on time of day and day of week. Each component partition contains a time slot, day(s)of week, message input and option to end campaign, forward to another campaign or move to next component. There is also a “catchall” message when no time slot is specified.

There is no end date, meaning the campaign runs in perpetuity. This is great for scenarios where you want to use the same keyword and, depending on the time of day, have it send a specific bounce back message.

For example, the Daypart Component is perfect for a song request line. Listeners will send in their song requests and depending on the time of day and therefore the DJ that's on, they will receive a tailored bounce back message.

*How To use the Daypart Component:

  • Select “Daypart” when adding the component to your campaign.


  • Enter the Default Message. This will be sent when a customer is interacting with the campaign and a Daypart timeframe is not specified in the component.
  • For each partition, you may set the day of the week, time of day, and time zone that should trigger each partition. You may also define the message copy and or forward to another Campaign for each partition.


  •  Enter up to 50 daypart partitions by clicking "Add Daypart" within the Component.




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