What is the "Ads & Sponsorships" Feature?

The Ads & Sponsorships feature is a component designed to allow you to easily monetize the platform and drive additional revenue.

Example: Have your local car dealership sponsor your in-house text club to now turn it into a revenue opportunity.

*To use the Ads & Sponsorships feature:

  • Click on "Campaigns" followed by "Ads & Sponsorships"


  • Click "New Ad" Button: 

1. Name Ad (i.e. WXYZ Ford Dealership Ad)

2. Select start & end date

3. Input the advertiser, agency, rate & sales person (All internal information)

4. Input Ad Copy AKA what users will see in the text (i.e. "*Sponsored by Freeway Ford")

5. Click "Save"



Note: In the Ad Copy we insert an Asterix (*) because the Ad does not look any different from the rest of your message in the text. This is a way to separate the ad from the body of the message. When creating an Ad the best practice is to keep it within 39 characters. 


  • Utilizing Ads & Sponsorships is a great way to monetize the platform, but stay away from an ad/sponsorship that takes up more than half your message (with the exception of a deals club subscription). You don't want your ad/sponsorship to take up more room than the message itself!
  • Once the Ad/Sponsorship is saved, look for the $ button within any campaign and/or broadcast message to attach:



  • Once you have picked which ad/sponsorship you want to attach, click "Add Ad".ad_5.png 

Note: if you check the "Apply to all messages in this component" box, the ad will automatically be attached to all messages within the campaign.


  • Below is an example of what an ad looks like in an actual text message:




*What about adding a "Sponsorship"?

  • When creating a "Sponsorship" you will follow the same setup as when creating an ad. The main difference between an ad and a sponsorship is with sponsorships they will not automatically append and there is no ad copy. 
  • If you attached a sponsorship to this message: "WXYZ Radio: Thanks for tuning in everyday." **This is how you would see the message. 
  • Because of this, sponsorships are used more for organizational purposes and to tag/track different sponsorships, here at Marketron, we advise to use the "Ad" feature as a best practice and for simplicity purposes.


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