What Is a Role & How Do I Create One?

A Role is Step 2 of 3 in creating a new username/account. The "Role" of a username is what determines the access/permissions of that username.

For example, if you want to create an "admin" account as well as a "user" account, this is where you dictate the settings of each. The "admin" would have "Read & Write" access to almost all features; however, the "user" would have more limited access (i.e. "Read Only" access to Ads/Sponsorships, Campaigns, Keywords, Lists, etc., meaning that they can view all of these features but not edit them).

See below for the list of permissions/features along with a description. You can select the access levels for each one based on the following:

  • None: user does not have any access to this feature
  • Read Only: user can view this feature but they cannot edit
  • Read & Write: user has full access to both view and edit this feature

  • Ads: access to Ads feature
    • *Note: This defaults to "None" so be sure to select the access level that you want
  • Broadcasts: access to outbound messaging functionality
  • Campaigns: access to create/edit campaigns
  • Carriers: keep at default "Read & Write"
  • Content: keep at default "Read & Write"
  • Coupon: set to "None"
  • File: MMS messaging related, can set to "None" unless MMS enabled
  • Filters: broadcast segmentation functionality
  • Inbox: API related, can keep at default "Read & Write"
  • Keywords: access to create/edit keywords
  • List Export: access to export list details
  • Lists: access to create/edit subscriber lists
  • Metadata: access to create/edit subscriber metadata
  • Reporting: access to reporting functionality
  • Roles: access to create/edit Roles within Settings
  • Short Codes: access to add/edit short codes to a user within Settings
  • Simple Message: API related, can keep at default "Read & Write"
  • Sponsorships: access to Sponsorships feature
    • *Note: This defaults to "None" so be sure to select the access level that you want
  • Stream: access to conversation stream functionality
  • Sub-Accounts: access to create/edit Sub-Accounts within Settings
  • Subscriber: access to individual subscriber level functionality
  • Trigger: access to keywords
  • Users: access to create/edit Users within Settings

*To Create a Role:

  • Select "Roles"

  • Select "Create New Role"

  • Name Role, select Sub-Account you just created from dropdown menu (be sure to select radio button next to it) and select access permissions.
  • When finished, click "Save Role"
  • Continue to Step 3 to Create a Username and complete new username/account setup


*For further information, you may find these articles helpful:

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