Radio Station National Cash Contest (Text-to-Win Campaign)


Saga Communications owns and operates stations in 26 markets across the United States. With 61 FM stations, 30 AM stations, 3 statewide radio networks, 2 farm radio networks and 9 television stations, Saga is one of the country’s leading broadcasters.

Marketron worked with Saga Interactive, which is responsible for leading all properties into multiple interactive platforms, including mobile. Saga Interactive wanted to further grow and monetize their listenership for their collective cash contest in which listeners were given a chance to win $1,000 twice daily during weekdays in April.


Prior to using Marketron Mobile’s solutions, Saga Radio had traditionally executed collective contests via phone dial-in by a station’s listener. This method did not allow true insight into listener participation levels and the ability to capture listener information. Saga Interactive and 31 radio properties leveraged the Marketron platform to execute their collective cash contest via text-to-win. Example; Listen for the Coast 93.1 Keyword to Cash, your chance at $1,000!


By engaging listeners to text into the collective contest campaigns, Saga Radio was able to capture their listener information and build a mobile database of listeners to whom they can re-market to in the future.

  • Over 3.3 Million Text Entries

  • Over 178,000 new listeners added to station mobile database

  • Near 934,000 total “unique” entries

  • Overall collective station mobile database growth of 60%

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