What Is a Smart Segment & How Can I Use It?

Marketron's Smart Segment feature allows you to create reusable, meaningful and targeted lists by applying segmentation filters and saving them as Smart Segments.

In order to create a smart segment:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Smart Segments" under the "Lists" tab

Step 2: Name your Smart Segment. This name is for internal use only, so use something descriptive that will help you remember the details of the Smart Segment later on.

Step 3: Add your segmentation. See "Segmentation Using Multiple Operators."

Once you've added the appropriate segmentation, make sure to save your Smart Segment. You can also click the refresh icon, to get the updated counts of subscribers that meet your segmentation criteria.

Step 4: Use your Smart Segment!

Once your Smart Segment is saved, you may use it in broadcasts just like a normal list. Your Smart Segments will appear underneath "Smart Segments" in the list selection drop down menu.

See "How Do I Send An Outbound SMS Broadcast?"


*For further information, you may find these articles helpful:

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