How Do I Schedule a Report?

Marketron offers the ability to schedule reports to pull at a future date for you to download.

When creating your report, scroll down to find the "Schedule" section. Click the calendar icon and select the date/time you want the report to be pulled:


Next, go to the "Frequency of Delivery" section. This is where you designate if you would like the report pulled just one time, daily, weekly or monthly:


Lastly, click "Save This Report" to complete report scheduling:


Back on the Reporting Home Screen, you will find tabs at the top that will organize your reports into 3 different sections -- Available, Scheduled and Recurring:

  • Available: this is where all of your one-time reports will live
  • Scheduled: this is where all of your one-time scheduled reports will live
  • Recurring: this is where all of your recurring (daily, weekly or monthly) reports will live


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