What is the "Send in Local Time" Feature?

When scheduling a broadcast message, you'll notice that a check box now appears to "Send in local time": 

To first understand what this means, see below for explanations on sending a message in real time vs. local time:

  • When this box is not selected, your message will send in real time (i.e. a message sent out at 9AM EST will be sent at 8AM CST, 7AM MST and 6AM PST).
  • When this box is selected, your message will send in local time (i.e. a message sent out at 9AM EST will also be sent at 9AM CST, 9AM MST and 9AM PST). This causes a delay in sending messages out as it will send at different timing across time zones. So your subscribers on the west coast will receive your message 3 hours after your subscribers on the east coast due to the time change.

The only instance you would need to check this box is if you are running a national campaign across multiple time zones (i.e. if you want to send a message at the time a specific retailer opens, say 9AM, and you would want that message to get delivered at 9AM in each subscriber's time zone).

An important factor to note is that the "local time" is based off of the area code for that specific device. So you would not need to select this option if all of your subscribers are physically in the same time zone. Most people do not change their cell phone numbers if they move to a new state/time zone so you could potentially be putting any out-of-towners at a disadvantage as they would not receive your message at the same time as subscribers with a local area code. 

How to do: 

Step 1: Go to Broadcast:


Step 2: Click the appropriate list you are sending to:



When scheduling a broadcast for a future date, there is an option underneath the schedule date/time field.


Simply check the option to “send in local time” and we’ll automatically send the broadcast in each subscriber’s local time, depending on the time zone each subscriber resides in.

In conclusion, this feature is only necessary when messaging to a national audience in the event that you want subscribers to receive your message at a specific time within each local time zone.


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