Pizza Dine-In Sweepstakes Campaign

This local pizza dine-in increased their Monday night dinner business by growing a mobile club via a Sweepstakes contest and sending out valuable offers weekly.


To grow dinner business on Monday, their slowest day of the week.


  • The station used on-air messages, in-store signage (signs and info on pizza boxes) and the restaurant’s website to grow a mobile club that would receive special offers on Mondays, redeemable only that day.

  • Once the club was built, the restaurant sent out offers consistently every Monday at 3pm. The station promotes the calls to action with fifteen :15s per week on-air and in two station text contests per month.

Call to Action:
  • The first call to action was “text [restaurant name] for the chance to win a $250 pizza party at [restaurant]!”.

  • In the 2nd month and beyond they used offers, like “text to receive a ‘buy one get one free’ deal on any pizza”.

  • The first contest grew their mobile club to over 1,100 people in 1 week.

  • The club grew to over 1,900 by the end of the second month and remains steady after months of receiving weekly offers on Mondays.

  • The restaurant is consistently busy on Monday nights now, with many new customers and more business from their regular customers.

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