What is an A/B Split?

An A/B Split allows you to send and track message variations to random groups within a single customer set in order to determine what kind of messaging is most effective.

One common use case: enable A/B splits to send 2 different coupon offers (e.g. Buy 1, Get 1 Free vs. 40% off). 50% of the group receives coupon A while 50% receives coupon B. When customers redeem their coupons, you are able to measure to which coupon variation achieved better results (e.g. more revenue, shoppers or sales on a specific date). Moving forward, you can use the more effective offer for all customers to maximize ROI.

There are 3 different options you can select for A/B Splits:

  1. SMS Message: Send a 160-character message
  2. Campaign: Send an already-created campaign (use when you require a response or multiple messages)
  3. No Message: No message sent (allows you to set aside a group of customers while you determine the best message content)

*To set up an A/B Split:

  • Set up your SMS Broadcast message (see: How Do I Send an Outbound SMS Broadcast?)
  • Click "Add A/B Split" to add multiple segmentation groups. Be sure to add the total number of segments you'd like to include

  • Allocate percentages to each segment. Please note that the total percentages must equal 100%

  • Choose which type of content you'd like to send to each segment: Mobile Message, Forward to Campaign or No Message

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