What Does the Subscriber Conversion Report Display?

The Subscriber Conversion Report summarizes how your subscribers are opting in to your lists. This report will summarize opt-ins by keyword and campaign, as well as show you the conversion rate for your double opt-in campaigns.

The report displays the following data:

Date: The date of the report entry 

Keyword ID: The keyword ID the subscriber texted to opt in

Keyword: The keyword ID the subscriber texted to opt in

Campaign ID: The Campaign ID the subscriber interacted with to opt in

Campaign: The Campaign the subscriber interacted with to opt in

List ID: The list ID the subscriber subscribed to

List: The list the subscriber subscribed to

Opt-ins Initiated: The number of opt ins initiated (Example: The subscriber was prompted to opt in and asked to reply Y to complete their opt in)

Opt-outs Completed: The number of opt ins completed/confirmed (Example: The subscriber confirmed by replying Y)

Conversions: The ratio of opt ins that were completed vs initiated.

Opt Outs: The number of subscribers that opted out

*To create a Subscriber Conversion Report, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Marketron
  • Navigate to the "Reports" tab, followed by "Reports"

  • Select the "Create New Report" button 

  • Choose "Subscriber Conversion" for Report Type

    • Enter a custom report name if you desire (this is optional)
  • Choose List to be set as "All" or to a specific List. 
    • Selecting "All" will retrieve data across all Lists in your account
    • Selecting a specific list will retrieve data for the List that was selected.
  • Choose the desired Timeframe that you'd like the report to generate.
    • You may use our preset option such as This Week, Last Week, This Month, etc.
    • You can also create a custom timeframe by selecting Custom, and then using the calendar feature to select the start and end date. 
  • Choose the appropriate time summary to group your data: day, week or month
  • If you'd like, the report can be scheduled for a future date, or immediately by default.
  • Once all parameters are set, select "Generate Report"
  • The report status will appear as "In Progress". Once the report is generated, the status will be changed to a timestamp.

  • To download the report in a .CSV (Excel) format, select the Download Icon. This will export the report, so that you are able to further manipulate and filter your data for any custom reporting needs. 


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