5 Golden Rules

When it comes to building your mobile database, following these 5 Golden Rules is the recipe for success!

  1. Relationship Marketing: Ongoing, Direct & Added Value Communication
    • OngoingSend regular, expected messages to your community. Don’t wait 9 weeks before sending them a message. They will opt-out as they expected communication 9 weeks ago. Sending two to four messages a month is ideal.
    • Direct: You have permission to communicate with your listeners. Do it and keep the communication direct and simple. You have a limited amount of characters available, so don’t try to stuff too much information into your messages.
    • Added Value: You have to fill a need. Reward your members for being part of your community. If you’re not filling a need with a value proposition your subscribers might leave instead of telling others to join.
  2. Integrate, Integrate, Integrate!
    • If you want to see rapid growth with your mobile community, integrate mobile into everything you do. Sending an email? Include the short code and keyword combination along with the link to your content application for consumers to sign up for your club(s). Doing a contest? Always mobilize it. Do you have a Facebook page or a Twitter following? Make sure you tie in your mobile offering as well. Your listeners always carry their cell phone. Take advantage of that. You can create multiple subsets of communities, but always offer a general station community, but enable listeners to request other content like breaking news, concert updates and other.
  3. Members Only
    • Everyone wants to feel special. This is very important when building your text club. Feed your subscribers with something that everyone can’t get. Exclusive perks like concert ticket pre-sale codes, contests for tickets, gift certificates, cash, DVDs, meet and greets, etc. Being able to hit listeners in their pockets is personal and valuable, so reward your loyal listeners for their commitment!
  4. It's Not About You
    • You guessed it -- it’s about your listener. Your audience cares about your station. In fact, they love it. However, they don’t care about it as much as you do. Make sure your message is more than just a commercial to provide the needed value to the listener. Provide information about news, events, and products in your area that’s not directly tied to the station. The listener will see this mix of information as added value.
  5. Planning is Key
    • Invest some time into your text club communication for deeper engagement and better results. Communicate regularly about things your listeners care about (2-4 times/month) and think about what you’d like to say before sending a message. Timing is important, so keep that in mind when communicating with your text club members. If there’s breaking news, send it right away to make sure they hear it from you first. But for all promotional alerts and exclusive events, plan it and tie it into your promotion plan. Send alerts between 8 AM – 6 PM for best results (unless there’s a breaking news story).


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