Segmentation Using Multiple Operators

The Marketron platform offers a wide array of segmentation capabilities, including AND/OR segmentation, as well as various filtering operators.

For example, since the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series (Go Cubs!), you may want to send a celebratory discount to all subscribers in the North Side.

Our new segmentation allows you to easily accomplish this. In this case, you'd add the following filters:

Community is equal to "North Side"
Zip codes are 3 miles in radius of 60618
Interests is equal to "baseball"

Below are detailed instructions on how to use the Segmentation feature.

Step 1: Turn Segmentation to "On"

Step 2: "OR" Filtering

When using an OR statement, subscribers who meet any of the statements will be included.

Step 3: "AND" Filtering

  • Additionally, you may click the "AND" icon to add another statement to your segment. 
  • Any time you'd like to see an updated count, click the refresh icon.

When using an AND statement, subscribers who meet all of the statements will be included.


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