Messaging Etiquette & Best Practices

In order to remain compliant with both TCPA/CTIA guidelines, you should take into account the below best practices when creating and maintaining campaigns, especially subscriptions:


  • Create a naming convention for both your campaigns and your message/text blasts (we recommend always starting off the message with your station call letters/company name and subscription/campaign name, i.e. "WXYZ Deals Club: This week's deal brought to you by Joe's Pizza. Present this txt to receive $5 off any large pizza! Text STOP to end, HELP for info"). This way the subscriber knows right away who the text is from.
  • Include "Text STOP to end, HELP for info" at the end of your message every 3rd message you send out or at least once a month (for Subscription campaigns/text clubs only).
  • Include "Msg&DataRatesMayApply" any time you are providing a link for a subscriber to click on or asking them to text another keyword that will result in another text message sent to them.
  • Utilizing Ads & Sponsorships is a great way to monetize the platform, but stay away from an ad/sponsorship that takes up more than half your message (with the exception of a deals club subscription). You don't want your ad/sponsorship to take up more room than the message itself!
  • Follow the 90-day rule and be sure to keep in touch with your subscriber list! Best practice dictates that if more than 90 days have passed from the last time you messaged your subscribers that the campaign is no longer active. (See What Is The Shelf Life Of A Subscription List?)
  • Keep it short & sweet! This goes for the message itself as well as the frequency -- stay within the 160 character limit and send messages with compelling and relevant content.
  • When in doubt, put yourself in your subscribers' shoes! If you wouldn't find a specific message worthwhile/compelling then rethink your message! In addition, if you wanted to be able to opt out of a subscription it should be easy to do so. 
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